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    Why Do You Need Ionized Alkaline Water?

    Water Ioniser / Why Do You Need Ionized Alkaline Water?

    RugstejimasAcidification of the Body

    In this day and age, young people are increasingly affected by age-associated diseases. Environmental pollution, bad eating habits, stress, fatigue, smoking, drinking, and a sedentary lifestyle are frequently cited as the negative factors that throw the body off balance and lead to metabolic disorders and the general acidification of the body.

    Free radicals are parts of a molecule that lack one electron. In the human body, they are formed naturally during constant vital processes. They are necessary to protect the body from bacteria and viruses and destroy altered cells. Trouble begins when there is an excess of free radicals. To get the missing electrons, free radicals constantly attack the healthy cells, thus disrupting the normal functioning of individual cells and organs and causing various diseases.

    Although the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle are mostly felt in older age, our health is affected by the negative factors since youth - malnutrition, lack of physical activity, harmful habits, stress, and much more. The sooner we realize that the body not only needs to be treated for diseases but also needs prevention from them, the fewer problems we will have.

    Maintaining an acid-alkaline balance is essential for feeling good and being energetic. One way to fight the excess free radicals and acidification of the body is to use ionized alkaline water. The inclusion of alkalized water in your diet is an excellent choice, as it tackles the task with great efficiency.